Immersive tools for pros

We create immersion solutions (3D Web, virtual reality, augmented reality) to drive business performance.

We co-design our business solutions with corporate insiders to make them as relevant as possible.

We make our cutting-edge technology relevant, intuitive and KPI-driven.

Decision Support

Immersive technologies and especially virtual reality can help companies optimize their internal decision-making processes. Retail design, Computer Aided Design, merchandising planning, product A/B testing… immersion can be used in so many different ways.

Education and training

Edgar Dale’s ‘Cone of Experience’ tells us that we remember only 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of images we view… and 90% of what we actually perform. Whether it is used for onboarding new employees, corporate education or learning gestures and postures, virtual reality and augmented reality revolutionize corporate training.

Customer Journey

Product configurators, virtual reality walkthroughs for real estate development, engaging brand storytelling experiences… Immersion can be used both online and on the point of sale to grow brand awareness. It can also be a very powerful sales tool providing measurable added-value.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is already being used in many different sectors from gaming and entertainment to the pharmaceutical industry, and for plethora of uses cases from computer-aided design to brand storytelling. VR provides high-fidelity simulation and therefore an unforgettable immersive experience .

360° & 3D


All platforms

Augmented reality

Apple and Google are now making augmented reality great again thanks to their recent technological advances. The technology was still pretty tedious a few years ago but AR is now a thing and is just about to take part in our daily lives through many various forms. AR is often considered as more utilitarian than experiential virtual reality. There are 1001 business applications of augmented reality.

360° pictures & videos: a new communication medium

360° pictures and videos have been around for a few years now thanks to Facebook, YouTube or Google Street View. They are the most common immersive contents available on desktop, smartphone and tablets but also on VR headsets. 360° contents can be used storytelling, real estate, education and training…

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