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There was a time when 3D applications couldn’t run in a web browser without a client software or at least a plug-in such as Adobe Flash Player. We have been WebGL experts since 2009 and we create on-demand immersive experiences on the web – 3D web and WebXR.

Product configurators, gamification marketing, serious game… 3D web can be used in many different ways. 3D web can become even more immersive when extended to virtual reality – WebVR – and even augmented and mixed reality – WebXR. Always from your web browser!

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Our best 3D web experiences


We created an interactive 3D product demo of Quechua’s brand new Fresh & Black family tents. The immersive experience enables customers to explore the tents from every angle. It was made in responsive design and is embedded in the e-commerce site.

Easy Office

Create your ideal office space with Easy Office’s 3D office planner and generate a quote in a few clicks.


Many have heard of Facebook Spaces. Some nerds might be familiar with Mozilla’s Hubs. There was one social VR project preceding both: Beloola, the first fully web-based social platform. The alpha version was launched in 2013 and the beta version was brought to WebVR in 2015 – a world first!

On Beloola, any user can create its own 3D space thanks to the online builder inspired by Minecraft and The Sims’ home builder. They can also aggregate their favorite web contents – YouTube videos, Instagram feeds, 360° contents, live streams. Users have a customised 3D avatar and can meet up and interact with other people in virtual spaces dedicated to their favorite topics.

Beloola was the original focus of V-Cult prior to our BtoB switch in 2016. This project lead us to join Silicon Valley’s VR & blockchain startup accelerator Boost VC in summer 2015.

Our proprietary technology

We developed a 3D web graphic engine among the most advanced an enabling our 3D, AR et VR native applications to be accessible natively in any web browser. This technology was developed from the start of the company back in 2009 and made Beloola come true.

There are many advantages for a 3D application to be natively accessible in a HTML5 environment: total control of content distribution by avoiding submissions processes on app stores, easy maintenance, no app / plug-in download required and multi-platform access for end users – desktop, mobile, VR.

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