3D Product Configurator

A 3D product configurator is an interactive sales tool using dynamic 3D models. It offers customers to personalize a product from the e-commerce environment. A client can for instance customize the colours, materials, parts and components…

3D product configurators are great for customer engagement and can boost sales up to 60%.

Why you should get your own 3D product configurator

Creating an online shopping experience enhanced by immersive technologies has now become as important as premium and tailored ordering services such as payment and delivery.

Lightweight and super fast for your website

Our 3D configurators are loaded instantly from your customer’s landing page. We create both high rendering and lightweight 3D models of your product. Our home-made 3D web graphic engine then does the job!

Real-time configuration

A 3D configurator gives a customer the opportunity to customize the product without leaving the e-commerce environment. It lets the customer adjust colours, parts and materials instantly.

Intituive user exeperience

We create intuitive user interfaces so even newbies will feel comfortable. Giving customers the opportunity to personalize a product is a true engagement lever.

Full interactive 3D

Rotation and zoom functionalities let your clients to explore your product from every angle.

Our proprietary technology

We developed a proprietary 3D web graphic engine. This advanced technology enables us to create 3D, AR and VR applications running natively in any web browser. This technology was developed from the start of the company back in 2009 and made Beloola come true.

There are many advantages to a native 3D web application. First you can bypass application submission processes on stores and keep a total control of your distribution. Secondly, maintenance and updates are much more flexible – like for any website. Finally, a 3D web experience doesn’t require any third-party app or plug-in download thus providing end users an instant access to the experience on all platforms – desktop, mobile, VR.

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