3D web and VR/AR experts since 2009.

We are a BtoB agency expert in 3D web and VR/AR. Our immersive solutions help companies be more efficient. We provide our expertise to improve decision support, education & training, customer journey online and on the point of sale.

We co-design our business solutions with corporate insiders to make them as relevant as possible.

We make our cutting-edge technology relevant, intuitive and KPI-driven.

We are a fully-integrated agency.

We support our partners throughout the production chain from initial brief to delivery.

Our multidisciplinary team is composed of the best 3D engineers, versatile full-stack developers, talented 3D artists and UX designers to make sure that your immersive project is produced in optimal conditions for a high-end delivery.

We are a one-stop-agency. We take care of everything!

Consulting and Strategy

Our consultants have been experts in immersive technologies for a decade. We are true technologists with a sharp sense of marketing and an utilitarian approach to guide you to the best enterprise solutions that actually make sense for your business.

UX/UI Design

Immersive technologies require us to challenge our conventions in terms of interfaces and ergonomics. Our team is constantly experimenting and on the lookout for the best practices to make our immersive experiences as much relevant as possible.

360° Production

We provide the best camera operators, drone pilots and other skillful technicians to make your 360° photo / video project a great success. We take care of post-production, editing and distribution of your immersive contents.

3D Design

Our team is made of one of the best 3D artists who graduated from the best 3D animation schools in Europe. Whether you are looking for a Triple A or a low-polygon rendering to optimize your app, our 3D artists will do the job. We also put in place relevant workflows and processes to industrialize the production of your 3D assets for larger scale deployments.

3D Engineering

We have been WebGL experts since 2009 and have made our first virtual reality experiences using the WebVR API back in 2015. Our engineers are also very familiar with Unity3D and Unreal Engine, and now new AR frameworks such as ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google).

Front-End and Back-End

How to easily and quickly update your online immersive applications? What about user data tracking? We provide all necessary back-end tools to make sure you can monitor your 3D web and WebVR applications.

Strategical partnerships


V-Cult is one of the first startups to have graduated from Euratechnologies’ startup incubator in Lille. We are very proud of this wonderful tech and business cluster that has always given us incredible support.

La Maison des Startups

We won the very first LVMH Innovation Award – Public Prize at Vivatechnology 2017 and have then joined La Maison des Startups at Station F, a business accelerator to create strong ties between startups and LVMH’s prestigious Maisons. We are proud to shape the future of the luxury industry.

Boost VC

We are proud to have been selected as part of the first batch of VR startup incubator Boost VC based in San Mateo, California.

Retail Booster

Retail is a core business vertical of our development strategy. We are proud to take part in Retail Booster since 2018 – a startup business accelerator launched by PICOM (French government cluster for retail).

Our vision

The web could be so much more than not-so-engaging 2D static web pages. The web is now evolving thanks to the emergence of 360° media and 3D web but we should go much further than this.

Our dream is to bring the entire web to virtual reality because “the metaverse is too big for an app store” (Tony Parisi, VR pioneer of the late 80s). We need a collaborative and fully web-based access to VR to drive content creation and sharing. WebVR will free users from all existing frictions and definitely bring VR to the masses.

Immersion pioneers for a decade

V-Cult was born in september 2009 and was founded by Tom Gauthier who believes that “the web has been the same thing for 25 years: pages“. He was inspired by the recent success of 3D social platform Second Life and also the rise of the future mastodon that would become Facebook. He imagined Beloola, a 3D social platform accessible on a web browser and where users would interact in virtual worlds.

Back then it was impossible to expect a 3D application to work in a web browser without a plug-in. VRML had been created in 1994 but was becoming very obsolete and all the industry was using Adobe Flash Player at that time. September 2009 was also the time when American consortium Khronos Group announced the creation of WebGL, a 3D programming interface specification for HTML5 environments. Tom was convinced that WebGL would soon become the reference and bid on this new API. V-Cult started a long R&D process with one goal: to build its own WebGL engine to make Beloola happen.


The first successful demo of our WebGL engine happened in 2012 and we launched the first version of Beloola the following year. At that time our social platform focused on the music industry and enabled fan communities to meet in immersive spaces dedicated to their favorite bands and artists. These virtual spaces were designed in partnership with music labels and gave access to premium contents (exclusive videos and merchandising, etc.) and gamified experiences.

We then decided to change the rules as we were struggling with a very difficult business model. That’s when we gave the power to our users to create their own virtual worlds. A kind of mashup between Tumblr and The Sims’ home builder. The new version of Beloola was launched in 2015 and enabled us to join blockchain & VR startup incubator Boost VC in Silicon Valley.

Beloola was praised by a community of VR pioneers. This incredible experience also made us realize that there was a massive blooming opportunity for immersive enterprise solutions. That’s when we created our BtoB agency V-Cult in 2016.

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