Augmented Reality filters and lenses for social media

It’s been ten yars now that social media has gradually become the core channel of mass marketing. Smartphones and conversational apps have also become more and more ubiquitous making Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat perhaps even more important than Facebook in our daily lives.

New social platforms imply new user experiences and new features more specific to our smartphones. Augmented reality filters and lenses are one of them. They can for instance be used to take a selfie trying out a virtual makeup and then instantly share it in a “story”. Filters and lenses are viral and are a great opportunity for brand storytelling and product placement.

How we create your AR filter in 3 steps


We assist your creative team in the storyboarding and design of your AR campaign in relevance with your brand message and target.


Our 3D artists produce assets and animations according to the mockups and storyboard. Our developers then integrate those assets and create user interactions.


We distribute your campaign on Instagram, Messenger or Snapchat according to your marketing milestones.

Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat? Different frameworks


Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a software available on Mac and Windows to easily create Snapchat filters. We use Lens to create Face filters (using the phone’s front camera) and interactive 3D augmented reality experiences anchored in users’ real environment (using the phone’s back camera).

Instagram & Messenger

Spark AR Studio

Spark AR Studio is a platform available on Mac and Windows to create AR filters for Instagram and Messenger. It provides a library with animations and effects and also the ability for designers to upload their own creations. The platform also provides dashboards to monitor the different KPIs of your marketing campaign – display, screenshots; shares…

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