Augmented reality for business

Augmented reality is an experience that consists in superimposing computer-generated images with a user’s view of the real world. Reality and virtuality both interact in real-time to a certain degree. AR is generally experienced on a mobile device: an AR application overlays virtual elements on what is being captured by the phone’s camera. We can also talk about mixed reality when interactions between reality and virtuality are very deep and the experience fully immersive thanks to head-mounted devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Augmented reality is already being used for industrial maintenance, site supervision, professional training or even gaming. At V-Cult, we create your AR (augmented reality) application for both business and entertainment purposes.


Our use cases in augmented reality and OCR

Decathlon Trampo AR

You want to have a trampoline in your garden. The problem is that you might not have enough space for it. Because not everyone has a measuring meter and others are just lazy, we offer customers to preview their future trampoline in augmented reality and in true scale. The app is available on Android – ARCore compatible devices – and on iOS – ARKit compatible devices.

Maybelline New-York

The customer scans a bar-code of a cosmetic with his smartphone to access inspirational contents – tutorials, related products, etc. Another colour-analysis module pushes related contents based on an inspirational picture submitted by the user. This experience is accessible natively from Maybelline New-York’s website.

Different types of augmented reality

Marker-based augmented reality

Marker-based augmented reality consists in identifying a distinctive sign in the real world (the marker: QR code, logo, or product in catalog) and then displaying an interactive or static virtual element over it.

Markerless augmented reality

Markerless augmented reality is a process in which the system automatically detects all flat surfaces of the real environment. It can also analyze distances and obstacles.

Which technology you should choose


ARKit is currently the biggest augmented reality platform. The framework is available to millions of iPhone and iPad users under iOS 11 and more recent updates of Apple’s OS. A sure shot for your mass market campaign.


ARCore is Android’s markerless framework and provides pretty much the same features as ARKit. Definitely a must-have in addition to your ARKit campaign if you don’t want to upset your Android users!


Immersive web is deeply steeped in V-Cult’s history. We were among the very firsts to create a 3D web graphic engine. This proprietary technology allows us to create AR applications running natively in any web browser.

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