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Virtual reality can help you convince decision makers and investors or simply better illustrate your ideas.
VR is a great medium to bring more context to your concepts and allows them to be challenged in realistic conditions. Immersive technologies make business decision support more efficient and lower co-design costs. Retail design, merchandising planification, A/B packaging… there are many possible use cases.

Product design

Launching a product can be resumed in 3 stages:
– Product design
– Industrialization of its production
– Product marketing

Virtual reality is great for product design tool as it is the obvious next step of our familiar computer aided design softwares. VR allows you to challenge your product in realistic conditions: true scale preview, shapes and textures customization, ergonomics testing. Virtual reality makes prototyping easier and cheaper, therefore provides valuable safeguards prior to the production.

Test your layouts in VR

Virtual reality helps retail and hospitality designers better preview their concepts in realistic conditions. It is much easier to challenge layouts, furniture, materials or product merchandising. Immersive tools are very persuasive and cost-killing as they help executives make the right decision much faster.

How our clients use immersive decision support solutions

E. Leclerc Jouet

Retail Design – French retailer E.Leclerc tests its new concept store Jouet in virtual reality on HTC Vive. This immersive tool is used by the group to promote Jouet to its franchisees.


Hospitality Design – We help AccorHotels challenge their new hospitality concepts in virtual reality on HTC Vive. Designers test and validate interior decoration and ergonomics.


Packaging testing – Vichy uses virtual reality to test new product packaging formats in internal focus groups.


Merchandising planner – We help Decathlon create a 3D merchandising planner.

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