HP Premium Social wall


Twitter Social Wall

The advertising agency Fred & Farid tied up with V-Cult to design the Premium Social Wall. The aim of this campaign was to enhance what is currently the world’s most thinnest computer, HP’s Spectre. The laptop is a true jewel of technology but also of design by Jess Hannah and Tord Boontje.

This Premium Social Wall was fully developed in WebGL and takes the form of a constellation of dynamic tweets. Each point in the constellation represents a Tweet including the hashtag #Reinventobsession dedicated to the launch campaign. The more the hashtag is tweeted, the larger is the constellation (a tweet counter is located at the top of the page). Every 10 seconds, the points in the constellation merge like an atom. A tweet containing the campaign hashtag is then randomly unveiled.

HP’s Premium Social Wall was displayed on big screens and Spectre demo laptops during several launch parties, including in London and during Cannes Festival at Hôtel Casino Barrière with a prestigious after party with the two DJs Pfel & Greem of C2C and French band L.E.J.

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