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Imediacenter is the brand new advertising department of Auchan Retail France. It provides a wide range of advertising solutions from web (3 powerful e-commerce websites) to store (display, interactive screens, street marketing, events…), both inside the hypermarket and in the shopping mall.

V-Cult tied up with the French event agency Hikari Corporate for the big public launch of the new company. We created a virtual reality experience enabling users to visualize their ads in a virtual shopping mall. The 3D design of the mall was inspired by several existing Auchan hypermarkets.

The experience is running on HTC Vive and was built under Unreal Engine. Visitors use the controllers to navigate in space. A blue rectangle is displayed on the ground where the user points the controller. It can then teleport itself to the rectangle using the trigger of the controller. The second controller is used to change the ad being displayed on the vertical billboards.

We then designed a “light” version of the experiment designed to turn on mobile and on small virtual reality headphones like the Google Cardboard. The experience consists in 360° captures of the 3D scene. Users can navigate from one point of view to another by looking at the different hotspots for one second. Same thing with the information popups giving further details about the advertising medium. This experience was built under WebGL and uses the WebVR API, and can therefore be accessed natively in the mobile web browser through the dedicated URL or with the QR code printed on the cardboard branded imediacenter and distributed to the various journalists and marketing directors present at the launch event in Paris on June 9, 2016.

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