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French retailer E.Leclerc held its annual plenary conference on November, 22th 2016 in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles and seized the opportunity to unveil its brand new toy concept store ‘Jouet’. JOUET. The purpose was to convince the most franchisees possible so they could later finance new openings of Jouet store in their respective catchment areas. The pilot store was located in Trie-Château (Oise). Why not give them a virtual reality tour from Paris?

We recreated the pilot store in photorealistic 3D using original architectural plans. Different photos, videos and textures of the furniture were also provided. We then developed an exclusive virtual reality tour experience powered by Unreal Engine and presented during the event on 3 HTC Vive setups.

Users begin from the central clearing. The entire shop is furnished with wooden materials to teach kids respect for nature and foster environmental awareness. Several different universes are dedicated to specific childhood moments. We have “I am a hero”, “I play outside”, “I act like an adult”…

The roomscale of the HTC Vive provides a 9 square-meter zone enabling the user to actually walk around physically. Users can also use the Vive controllers designed on screen with white hands using teleportation. Controllers can also be used to clench fists and grab items spread around the store. These two features enable users to press the two big buzzers of the central table.

When activating the first buzzer, the user becomes smaller and feels like a child again. It enables him to walk through several small arches that were previously unaccessible. Child mode also helps users to better understand children’s perception of the E.Leclerc Jouet store and its scenography.

The second buzzer activates a gravity field and items start to fly. It makes it fun to throw around teddy bears, toy packagings and shopping bags. It can disable gravitation by re-pressing the buzzer.

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