VR and real estate


Visit and customize a show flat in virtual reality

We created for French real estate developer Nacarat a unique immersive real estate experience. It enables to visit prior to its construction the future real estate program Treize B located near Lille’s tech cluster Euratechnologies. First, customers gather around a multi-touch table to change flooring materials or wall cladding of the apartment. This multi-touch experience provided by Taktus is then synchronized with a virtual reality application provided by V-Cult and available on HTC Vive.

Customizing the flat on the multi-touch table

Buyers gather around the multi-touch screen for an entertaining multi-user experience. They can customize floorings and wall cladding of the show flat of the Treize B program. Users place selected samples on the touch screen – ie: floor tiles – and the system instantly recognizes the material to be applied.

Instant preview on HTC Vive

In the meantime another user can visit the flat in virtual reality using a HTC Vive headset. The VR headset is synchronized with the multi-touch table. The client can preview in real-time the customization of the interior decoration made from the touch-screen interface. The HD photorealistic 3D rendering is provided by Obvioos, a crew of 3D artists specialized in real-time 3D rendering and who have been tying up with the most prestigious architects and real estate promoters worldwide for the past ten years.

A “lighter” experience online

The virtual reality experience is also available online thanks to our WebGL technology. Users can visit the show flat in 360° natively from their web browser. No plug-in, app or software installation is required. A cardboard mode is also available on mobile web browsers through the WebVR API. User just need a cardboard-type viewer – ie: Homido – to access the virtual reality experience. Custom branded Google Cardboards were distributed to journalists and influencers at the press conference when the project was unveiled on 15th, September 2016 and are also available to buyers directly from the point of sale.

Impressive KPIs

The Treize B launch campaign was very successful for Nacarat. Press coverage was big but must importantly the virtual reality experience lead the real estate developer to sell 80% of its available units on the weekend when they were made available for sale. Great customer journey and impressive sales tool!

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