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Relive key moments of the fashion show in WebVR

French lingerie brand Etam has been holding its yearly fashion show since 2010. This fashion show is a mix of lingerie and live music and is live streamed on the Internet and has quickly become one of the highlights of the Paris Fashion Week even though it is not officially part of it.

We filmed the entire show with 3 Nokia Ozo 360° cameras to celebrate its 100-year anniversary and to present its new lingerie collection, but also to enable fans who couldn’t attend the event to relive the key moments of the show in virtual reality. This VR experience is unlike others though: it is fully accessible online thanks to the magic of WebVR!

Virtual attendees can watch a 360° video edit of the key moments of the fashion show rythmed by charismatc Simone Ringer and her band Minuit. They can also choose to watch a compilation of the best crucial action captured backstage.

An offline application was also built for point of sale experiences and to avoid low bandwidth issues. The app was used in new Etam openings in Madrid and Brussels.

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